Paytm Complan Cashback Offer – Win Flat ₹20

Unlock the free cashback rewards worth ₹20 by joining the Paytm Complan Cashback Offer. In this offer, you have to watch an appealing ad for a few seconds to get dual advantages. Firstly, you will receive your cashback reward for watching the ad. Secondly, you will get information about this nutritious fortified dietary supplement. This offer is valid at 12:00 AM during its validity period.

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Paytm Complan Offer Banner

In summer, the growth rate of the growing child increases as compared to the winter’s growth rate. So this summer Paytm and Complan have collaborated to increase awareness of this product by attracting customers with the prize reward. Previously, another summer special Paytm Maxo Cashback Offer gave huge rewards worth ₹10 to all the participants. In addition to free cashback, this previous offer increased awareness about the infestation of Mosquitoes in summer and how to get rid of these tiny monstrous creatures.

A Complete Guide To Avail Of The Cashback Rewards From This Offer

Step 1: Browse for this offer on your Default Search Browser or visit this link to participate in this offer.

Step 2: Once you are landed on the dedicated page, proceed to finish the registration process. You will be asked to insert certain details to complete the registration process;

  • Your Complete Name
  • Your Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • Date Of Birth
  • City Name

Check the “Terms & Conditions” option to complete this process. Then tap on the “Submit” icon to complete the registration process.

Paytm Complan Insert details

Step 3: In the next step, watch the Complan ad. This ad will describe the importance of this nutritious fortified dietary supplement. 

Paytm Complan Watch Ad

Step 4: Take the dual advantage of watching this promotional video. First, you will get to know the advantages of this product. Secondly, you will get a flat ₹20 for free.

Step 5: This cashback amount will be credited to your account instantly.

Paytm Complan Reward Proof

Important Insights

  • You can get rewards from this offer by participating in it anytime during the promotional period.
  • The chances of getting rewards from this offer increase by joining it at 12 AM during the offer period.
  • The reward amount will be credited to your Paytm account.
  • You must watch this promotional video Completely.
  • You have to get registered for this offer.
  • Registration can be done by using the link mentioned above.

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About Complan

It is a nutritional beverage that contains all the vital nutrients that are necessary for a growing child. Its formula mainly focuses on children of 2-6 years of age to help them grow rapidly. It helps in the bone ossification of a growing child and works for his overall well-being. The key ingredients of this product are Proteins, Vitamin D, Calcium, Vitamins A & E, Iron, and essential amino acids.

The essential amino acids provided by this product will move to the bloodstream and build important hormones, enzymes, antibodies, and all other protein products. This product can be used by children and adults as well. However, its effects can be seen more prominently in children and teens who are hitting puberty age.

The chocolate taste of this product will satisfy your sweet tooth. If you are in love with chocolates and chocolate-based products then you should also join another Chocolate Milk Mix Free Sample offer to order this milk mix without shipping charges.

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When will the rewards from this offer be granted?

The rewards from this offer are granted instantly. If you don't get the promised reward after watching the video then you must try again.

Who is eligible for this offer?

This offer is not account specific so anyone can get benefits from this offer. However, it is necessary to get registered before applying for this offer.

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