DigiCoinz App Refer and Earn Offer – Get Paytm Cashback Vouchers worth ₹100 on Every Successful Referral

Download the Digicoinz app and enjoy the Paytm Cashback loot. Digicoinz App has launched a Refer and Earn offer for its users. You can join DigiCoinz App Refer and Earn offer to get Free Paytm Cashback Vouchers. You can earn Real Cash Back vouchers by just performing simple and easy tasks. 

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Join this offer and get a Free Paytm cashback voucher worth 100 daily. Fill your Paytm wallet with lots of cash-back rewards by doing nothing. I have posted the top most earning apps on this site. You can try Pluto App to get Free Paytm Vouchers worth ₹70.

About the Offer

Join Digicoinz App and win Free Paytm Cashback daily. All you need is just to make an account on the Digicoinz app. You will get a Welcome Bonus of a Paytm Cashback voucher worth ₹100 on your first signup. Start your earnings by sharing the Digicoinz app with the maximum number of people. Go to the share option and create your Referral link. You can share this referral link with your social media accounts. Try to get more clicks on this link and earn Free Paytm Cashback Voucher worth ₹100 on each successful referral. If you want to earn more Paytm Cashbacks, then you must try WorkIndia App. Because you can earn up to ₹3000 Paytm Cashback with this single app.

Perform Simple Tasks & Earn Free Paytm Cash

You can also get Free cashback rewards from Digicoinzs App by playing money-earning games, proofreading, Watching News, checking Daily Horoscope, or performing Puzzle Tasks. You will get a jumbo Cashback Prize after completing each task. Perform simple and easy tasks to earn a passive income. This app is considered one of the most highly-paying earning Apps In India. You can earn more than two hundred Paytm Cashback vouchers daily on Digicoins App. It is the best way to earn money while sitting in your comfort zone. You can earn money whenever or wherever you want without any restrictions. Just download the Digicoinz App, create a verified account and start earning.

How to Earn DigiCoinz App Refer and Earn Offer?

  • First of all, you have to download Digicoinz App from the Google Play store.
  • Open the Digicoinz App and read the short description of this app. You can also skip this step.
  • Select your preferred language and proceed to the next step.
  • Go to the Dashboard and hit the option of Log in Now which is available in the top right corner of the Dashboard.
  • Now, put in your mobile number or email ID for verification.

How to Earn DigiCoinz App Refer and Earn Offer

  • You will receive an OTP code on your mobile number or email Address.
  • Enter your Name, Surname, Address, Current location, active mobile number, and email details.
  • Tap to confirm.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully created your account on Digicoinz App.
  • 100 Paytm Cashback voucher will be added to your wallet automatically after your successful sign-up.
  • Now go to the dashboard and start earning by spinning the wheel or by performing other tasks.

start earning by spinning the wheel or by performing other tasks

  •  Click on your wallet details and check your earnings.
  • Press the Redeem option and withdraw your daily earnings in your Paytm account.

withdraw your daily earnings in your Paytm account

  • It has a very low withdrawal limit. You can withdraw at least ₹5 to your Paytm account without any restrictions.
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withdraw at least ₹5 to your Paytm account without any restrictions

  • 100 Digicoinz are equal to ₹10.

Refer Digicoinz App to your Friends and Earn Paytm Cash

  1. Open the Dashboard option and search for the Refer and Earn offer.
  2. Now generate your referral link and copy it.
  3. Paste this referral link into the chats of your friends. 
  4. You can also share it with multiple Social media accounts.
  5. Get maximum clicks on your referral link.
  6. You will get an assured cashback voucher worth ₹100 on every successful referral. 

How can I claim Paytm Cashback through DigiCoinz App?

You have to perform these 4 steps to get your Paytm rewards.
  1. Go to the Share option and press on the Invite Button.
  2. Generate your link and share it with your social media accounts such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  3. When your friend makes his account through your link, you will get Free Paytm Cashback worth 100 INR in your wallet. 
  4. You can withdraw your cash through Paytm or any other payment method.

What is the minimum withdrawal limit of the Digicoinz App?

It requires a very low withdrawal limit. Its minimum withdrawal limit is 5 INR. 

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