Coke2Home Food Loot – Get Assured Zomato Voucher Worth ₹50 To ₹10,000

Enjoy the Free Zomato Meal Vouchers from 50 to 10,000 by joining Coke2Home Food Loot. Try out the unique codes from Coke and use them to get free Zomato Food Vouchers. This offer has been announced by Coca-Cola itself. The purpose of this offer is to promote your favorite soft drink named Coca-Cola.

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In this offer, you will get free Zomato vouchers for free food privileges. Win Free Zomato Vouchers from 50 to 10,000. Apply for this offer and get a chance to win Free Zomato Vouchers. You just have to scan the Code and enter unique codes to activate your Free Zomato Vouchers.

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Don’t forget to try Free Zomato Coupon Codes and grab Free food items absolutely free of cost using Cashback vouchers. Also, try my previously shared offer on Zomato VISA Card. Here, you just have to swipe your VISA Card to make a payment. After using your VISA Card, you will get a special discount and free food offers.

Let’s come to today’s topic. In this offer, participants are allowed to apply for the same offer multiple times during the campaign. Each user can win Free Zomato Food Vouchers with multiple winning chances. However, its jumbo prize worth 10,000 is only for a single winner. Only one lucky winner will be selected for this offer. A participant can get a Zomato food voucher worth 50 multiple times during the offer period. Let’s dive into the below post for further information.

How To Avail Coke2Home Food Loot?

Step 1: Purchase a promotional Coke bottle from your nearby store.

Step 2: Each bottle has a unique QR Code, and scan the QR code.

Step 3: Go to the Official Offer Page and submit your code.

Enter the Mobile Number for Coke2Home Food Loot

Step 4: Enter your phone number and complete the OTP Verification with the code just received at your number.

Step 5: Submit your details and accept all the terms.

Step 6: Get registered with the OTP Verification.

Step 7: Enter the unique Code mentioned behind the promotional bottle.

Step 8: After submitting the Code, your name will get registered in this offer.

Step 9: If your name is selected as the winner, you will get a Free Zomato Voucher from 50 to 10,000.

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Step 10: You can redeem your Zomato voucher using the official app of Zomato. Order any food and use the vouchers as payment methods.

What is the validity of this offer?

This offer is valid till 31st December 2023.

How many times can I avail of this offer?

A single user can avail of this offer multiple times during the campaign period.

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