Binance Dual Investment Quiz Answers – Take A Short Assessment Quiz & Get Free ETH Subscription

According to Binance’s Policy, all the new users have to pass a knowledge assessment Quiz to get the activation of their dual investment plan. If you want to create your investment account on this platform then you need to take a short assessment quiz to gain more knowledge about Binance. Today, I am going to provide all the Binance Dual Investment Quiz Answers for you. Here you can revise all the mandatory questions of the assessment quiz along with their accurate answers.

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If you are an existing user, then you may know the value of the dual investment on this platform. Dual Investment plans provide you the opportunity to purchase cryptocurrency at a very low rate or to sell them at a higher price range. It also offers to earn free cryptos at a high interest within your subscription period. During your membership period, your account will not be affected by the market direction and current situations of crypto trading.

The key benefits of a Dual Investment account are low purchase and high sales, wide selection, trading at high interest, and no extra charges on trading.

But it has some cons also. After getting a subscription to Dual Account, you will not be able to redeem or cancel your membership until the announcement of a settlement date. That’s why, you have to take a short assessment quiz to get scores and approvals to open a dual investment account.

In this post, I will tell you all the mandatory steps to earn Free ETH Membership using your Dual investment account. After taking the quiz, you will get free ETH coins in your account. These coins are 100% redeemable for free crypto rewards.

If you are new to this platform and want to learn more about it then you should visit my previously shared posts on this topic. I would recommend you to visit Binance Dual Investment Quiz For Matic Subscription and Binance Auto Invest Quiz Answers. Both of these quizzes are still working in India. You can take these quizzes for a Free Matic Subscription and Free Prom Plan for the next five months.

Now, it’s time to get an advantage from today’s quiz. Read the below post to participate in the quiz.

How To Join The Dual Investment Quiz?

Step 1: Install the Official App of this platform on your mobile phone.

Download the Binance App

Step 2: Log in to your Binance Account and then open the Subscription Page of Dual Investment.

Dual Investment Page of Binance

Step 3: Read all the details available on the page for further information.

Step 4: Take a short assessment quiz.

Step 5: Try to give the correct answers to every question asked.

Step 6: After completing the quiz, you will get a free ETH Subscription for a whole month.

Answers For Bianace Dual Investment Quiz

Take A short Quiz for Binance Dual Investment

Question. What is the advantage of dual investment accounts?

Answer. Earning At High-Interest Rates

Question. For which scenarios can users use dual investment?

Answer. A and B are the correct options

Question. Which asset is not available in Dual Investment?

Answer. SHIB Tokens

Question. In which wallet can users find their active Dual Investment Subscription?

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Answer. Earn Wallet

What is the validity of this quiz?

This quiz is mandatory for all new users who want to create their Dual Investment Account. There is no limit to this quiz.

What are the benefits of Dual Investment?

The users can trade their cryptos at a very low buy rate. After that, they can sell their crypto at a very high-interest rate.

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